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Best antivirus app for android mobile 



Today's time, everyone has a smartphone, They do internet surfing on daily basis and save their personal things such as photos, documents, audio, video, game, apps, and software. but many of us don't know when you save such kind of things during that time, unwanted files are stored on your mobile phone automatically without showing any message. which may be harmful to your mobile. It may be your mobile starts handing or open unwanted windows and many more. So to remove such kind of these things, you need to install the antivirus app. but if you don't know which antivirus app has to install on your app. I will tell you here which app is the best for android mobile. 


Let's talk about it.


According to me,  Norton is good antivirus app for android mobile.  Which I use at present time. So if you are looking antivirus and may choose Norton.


To Find Another Way For Best Antivirus App For Android Mobile.


You may go to play store and Type antivirus app in the search bar and then enter.  After that, there will be showing lot of Android apps on your mobile screen.  First, check the app download counts and rating.

Which app has more download counts than other apps and excellent rating?  Install that app on your android mobile. 

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